Just a cat

I’m just a kitten to you, aren’t I?
I’ve been so proud of my claws and fangs
I forgot that I’m still something small
That looks fluffy and adorable to you,
But you could grab the scruff of my neck,
Pick me up and throw me across the room
If I ever sank those tiny claws too much.
I forgot you were just indulging me
While I purred what I thought were roars,
And batted so viciously at things
That you had made sure in advance
Could never strike back at me.
I forgot that for all my ‘hunting’ skill
I come back to the bowl you fill for me,
And rub against your legs for attention.
I just forgot. I’ve grown, indeed,
From the little ball of fur you first saw
To something that does have fangs.
But I think my eyes only grew now
Because I just realized what I am.
A Bengal – but the cat, not the tiger.
You were the latter. I looked at you
And let the similarities fool me,
Believed my spots to be the real deal
And thought myself already a leopard.
But that’s ok. I’m still growing.
You never know what I’ll end up becoming.
Or maybe I’ll become wiser instead,
And learn to purr and look adorable
Before I launch straight for the eyes
Of those who I fool into approaching.
I only mustn’t forget that I’m just a cat.


Lightning wandering through skies,
Wind a-caring scared cries,
Dark’ning night is bleached to ash,
Wild forces are at clash.

Precious lace of mighty art,
Drawing continents by chart
In the auburn evening dusk,
Charging smell of grass and musk.

But bewatch the look of fury,
Answering not man nor jury.
Find the beauty in the beast,
Let the nature be your priest.

Prayer give to uncontrolled,
Turn the anger into gold,
Look for good in each of vile,
Be the one to rule awhile.

Wildlife for a friend

A bottle of stardust
Will never earn my trust.
Lies thrown easy in the wind
Don’t make my life so fast unwind.

Your eyes are of a muddied gray
How could I entrust your way?
They hold only one left spark;
Glassy, evil, like a shark.

You, my dear, seem a cat
Chasing an unlucky rat,
Or a wolf, with glinting eyes,
Turning prey’s blood into ice.

Would you rather be a tigress?
Yes, you seem equally ruthless
Like the whole of feline line
With your nice and freezing shine.

To be what you like, you’re free
But I’m begging you to see
That I am in love with wildlife
But never more than friend or wife.

You’re indeed, so very cute,
But I’m in a slight dispute:
To befriend and trust I choose
Rather smoke and smell of booze

Under the form of a man
That can feel, not only plan;
A lot more than if I get
A beautiful and silent threat.

Wild child

I’m the rain against my skin,
I’m the grass beneath my feet
A wild child to my kin
Both hot and spicy, bitter-sweet.

How else could I love you such,
Against all customs and all rules
To dare lean into your touch –
I’m a wild child, and we’re fools.