Oh, arrogance, just look at you!
Stinging with your head the blue.
You rise so high, a block of flats,
Too bad you don’t mind all your rats
Or cracked windows, broken sills,
Beauties turned to rubbish hills.
Yes, you’re great, you shadow me,
But you can’t even walk free
With your legs of dark concrete,
Moving up, but the same street.
Congrats for getting in my sun.
I might be small, but I can run,
I can move around your self,
Bitter, broken, dusty shelf.
And what’s the use of this vain quest?
You’ve stretched so far, you need to rest.
No one’s now higher than you,
None to obturate your view.
But the sun you’ll never reach –
Here comes your greatest breach.
You defeated all that was,
Now you’ve lost your every cause.
So, thank you, I’m better off,
I won’t die and I won’t cough
At your feet, living my life,
Growing and feeling alive.
And one day, by my own will,
I might want to try the thrill
And stretch far, yet more than you
And I’ll be the king, the new.
I might even reach the sky
If I will forever try –
Not the sun, too out of line,
But a little star of mine.
You see, arrogance, how bad
You have reached. It’s really sad.
That you’ll never get to see
How it is to simply be.

Shades of Grey

If stars and skies were to change place
To form a day with drops of lace,
Like sun in crystal drops of rain
Easing ground of heating pain,
There’s still be to interchange
Forces, two, to keep in range.
It’d be kept in white and black,
Switching forth or switching back.

But when they drop both lines and rules,
Drop and grab the force that pulls,
Step towards the grey outside,
Get themselves into the tide
Of a whole of friends and trust,
That’s when limits turn to dust,
Whites and blacks do get to mingle,
And there stands just grey left single.

This is what forms reality,
Not the shaded clarity,
Light and dark in proper spot,
Dry and wet, and cool and hot.
There’s no truth and no mistake
For they mingle when they shake.
We let go so we all win.
Sorrow’s joy long hidden twin.

Too Cold A Wind

To run errands for the wind.
Is this decay or have I sinned?
For betrayed I to the breeze,
Given cool to chilling freeze.

Wonder where’s my common sense.
Sun was bright yet getting dense.
Storm and fury do I bring
When from one to else I spring.

Such would happen trading up
Spin in one too big a cup.
Cool be good yet cold not much;
Never add too strong a touch.

Moderation’s only key
To the art of being free;
Keeps in place the whole of world
That would otherwise get whirled.

Spoiled I the mild balance
With my blinding arrogance,
Thinking I can get it all,
But it only led to fall.

To control a force too great
Is so obvious a bait.
Never fall for this desire,
Better keep alit your fire.

March Flowers

The turn of page to March has come
On fast winds and gentle sun.
The branches of the trees have filled
With a white and silver gild
That lets off the fresh perfume
Of its special springly bloom.
Other blooms the windows grace,
With their lush flowery lace,
So thick you can hardly see
In the garden what might be.
I think the ground is happy too
With its new and warm updo,
Not again beaten by winds
By which it has been so skinned.
Oh, you spring, so good you came!

… it is only a small shame
That the trees are white with snow
Coming down in steady flow,
That the flowers grow from ice,
Frozen over once, twice, thrice,
And the ground’s new plushy cover
Hugging it like a lost lover
Only holds it warm and spared
Because we weren’t prepared
For the inches of its height
When the snow piled at night.

March, it’s good that you have come…
Any chance you’d bring some sun?
It seems that maybe you forgot
You’re a spring, not winter thought.