Sky and Sea

The sky unfolds upon the sea
As turbluent as full of glee,
Grinning at the hurried waves
Rushing, running from their graves.

The stormy gray of higher winds
Of dark and death does bear hints,
Hurricanes and swirls of air
Giving sea their black glare

Gray above and gray beyond
This is what makes darkness fond
But as end they will stay calm
Sooth to eyes and soul’s balm.

Gray on gray or blue on blue
There will always stay, those two,
Sky and sea, eternal friends,
Standing infinite of ends.


Oh, arrogance, just look at you!
Stinging with your head the blue.
You rise so high, a block of flats,
Too bad you don’t mind all your rats
Or cracked windows, broken sills,
Beauties turned to rubbish hills.
Yes, you’re great, you shadow me,
But you can’t even walk free
With your legs of dark concrete,
Moving up, but the same street.
Congrats for getting in my sun.
I might be small, but I can run,
I can move around your self,
Bitter, broken, dusty shelf.
And what’s the use of this vain quest?
You’ve stretched so far, you need to rest.
No one’s now higher than you,
None to obturate your view.
But the sun you’ll never reach –
Here comes your greatest breach.
You defeated all that was,
Now you’ve lost your every cause.
So, thank you, I’m better off,
I won’t die and I won’t cough
At your feet, living my life,
Growing and feeling alive.
And one day, by my own will,
I might want to try the thrill
And stretch far, yet more than you
And I’ll be the king, the new.
I might even reach the sky
If I will forever try –
Not the sun, too out of line,
But a little star of mine.
You see, arrogance, how bad
You have reached. It’s really sad.
That you’ll never get to see
How it is to simply be.

Fear of Falling

The walls are rising high around
Blocking out both light and sound.
My world shrinks, so far away,
Blends fearful night into day.

My hands slide; I can’t climb up.
I fall back into death’s cup.
I can’t stay still. I need to go.
Though I think I’m sinking slow.

It’s not my fault. It’s quick sand here
The floor beneath, as sky will disappear.
What can do one that only knows to rise,
What can I do when there are no more skies?

Dark waits for me, under my feet.
I have to climb; no time to sit.
Of chasing ghosts, I’m just so tired,
To chase illusions I only once desired.

But the world’s not worth controlling.
All that I know: the fear of falling.

Between the Stars

Between each of heaven’s stars,
Counting Venus, counting Mars,
Maybe it would go unseen,
One of them leaving the scene.

Maybe to the whole of sky,
No one notice stars to die;
To my little patch of star,
Constellation from afar,

One of twinkle would mean end,
Leading night into descend,
Slight of change could be so much,
Killing planets out of touch.

Maybe to the whole of races,
Billions to ignore graces,
Death of you would be a breeze,
A soft wind inside the trees.

But to me, to those around,
Those to know your sight and sound,
Leaving us would darken night.
Who would think one star’s so bright?

So for those to feel alone,
Look around, just at your own.
Universe is made of parts;
Care rule in yours the arts.

From Earth To Sky

We chase the wind and hide in ground,
Chase hope but hide from light and sound.
Ideas run and thoughts subside.
It wouldn’t stay, reason or pride.
Who could hope to get humanity,
Wide, complex, full of vanity?
We’re earth, and mud, and dust combined,
But washed by rain, as heaven cried.
We cast the eyes to hights above,
To hawk and sparrow and to dove.
From our sandy shell of life
We watch the sky to come alive.
And from the rocky edge inside
We see another sky in hide.
This is the wonder of the world,
How beauty can be so much swirled,
Perfection holding its mistakes,
Hiding within as it awakes.
It’s always two parts of a whole:
The sins to darken us like coal
Yet the hope of light and growth,
Mingling good and bad in both.
We are the ones to hold it all,
Gods, while birds to fall.

Be a star in the night sky

Be a star in the night sky,
A sparkling light against darkness,
A soft but steady permanence
That’s noticed most in gloom.

Be a star in the night sky,
A sphere of primordial forces,
Remote, but touching beings
From thousands light-years away.

Be a star in the night sky,
A bead of cold, silvery crystal,
Still revered as the warmest fire
By lost travellers everywhere.

Be a star in the night sky,
A body that firmly belongs to science,
But isn’t afraid to be both the lyrics
And the chorus of romantics.

Too many people aim to be the moon.
But why should you want to be something
That needs to borrow someone else’s light
And only matters when tethered to a person?
No, be the thing that gives off its own light
And has a galaxy born and held together by it,
The thing that doesn’t need anything to survive,
And when it doesn’t, it goes off with a boom
And makes the world a little darker for it.
Be a star in the night sky.