I just wanted to tell you

I just wanted to tell you

That I could only whisper to you

How impossible it would be to say to you

All the things that I feel like shouting.

I’m alternating between a maddening need

To bare my soul in front of your eyes

And let you caress and soothe my past,

And an overwhelming desire to hide it,

To pretend the ugly scars out of existence

So you may never have the opportunity

To think any less of me for them.

I just wanted to tell you

That I don’t really trust myself to speak

And I need your silence to be understanding,

But I want you to coax the words out of me

Because they’re cutting my tongue to pieces

In their restlessness to reach you.

I just wanted to tell you

That I love you, and let the deluge

Of the past and present and future

Choose to throw themselves off my lips

When I read the same answer in your eyes.

The deepest peace

Breathe in and close your eyes.

Listen to the silence and breathe out.

Breathe in, counting the heartbeats,

Feeling the way life pumps rhythmically,

And vibrate with it. Breathe out.

Breathe in. Open up your thoughts.

It’s time to understand who you are,

And who you are also comprises

What peace may mean to you.

It’s not always the same thing to all.

For some it’s unconditional acceptance,

So let your past flow through you, see it,

But don’t try to catch any of it –

Just let it fall where it may,

And love the unique patterns that it made.

For some it’s knowledge, understanding,

So grab your finest sieve and go,

Pull away and apart and together

Everything you can get your hands on,

And try to discover your inner laws,

Your force and gravity and center.

Now open your eyes and look around,

And do the very same thing with the world,

Find your place in any way you like,

Just remember that it’s about the process

Not about the end result.

Peace is the journey in spite

Of the destination. It’s the one thing

That makes a difference to you – you.

Breathe out.

There are no words

The more words one uses

The fewer he knows

Because the great muses

Give just one doze.

The secret to writing

Is the reverse of it,

More akin to lightning,

Kept short and sweet.

Silence makes rhymes

Better than sounds

And poets know times

Outside their bounds.

It takes talent really

To learn to stay still,

Words given freely

To the blood of the quill.

What leaves you mute

Should be strived towards –

On creation’s true route

There are no words.

Your silences

I love talking to you. But I also like your silences.
I like how you’re not afraid to hold my gaze, smile,
And how you don’t worry that all the social rules
That have been so much drilled into us
Dictate that you should say something soon.
You don’t want to, so you own your silence,
Until it’s impossible for my eyes not to drip
Down to your full lips, and your irreverence
Makes me want to accentuate the gesture.
Because we can make our own rules, can’t we,
And silence is just as good a language as any.
It’s easy, so easy to tell you that
I want nothing more than to drink
The missing words straight from your lips,
And want to have a whole conversation
With just our minds, and eyes, and bodies.
What does your silence say to that?