Three days, three quotes – day 3

This is the last day of the ‘Three days, three quotes’ challenge, to which I was nominated by herSCREAMINGshadows. Thank you a lot for thinking of me!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  3. Nominate three other bloggers each day.

The Third Quote:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (Luke 6:31)

And a little something inspired by it:

When fingers scratch upon slick walls,
Gaining no shadow of purchase,
When muscles strain to lift you up
Against a force too great,
Instead of helping yourself up,
Choose to give your mates a push.
I imagine a world surrounded
By a link of people holding hands,
Pushing, pulling, dragging,
However the case might require
Someone other than themselves,
An uninterrupted chain stretching
All the way back to the person
Who started the first act of kindness.
You may be against religion,
You may be against philosophies,
But in the folds of them all,
Stripped from all pretenses,
Hides the same piece of common sense.
We are all equal. To behave right,
Just put yourself in another’s shoes,
And treat your fellows the way
You’d need them to treat you.
You’re extending yourself a hand,
And pulling yourself straight up.
You just go the long way around,
And pass through other hands first.


I had a bit of a shock looking for this quote today. I found it in various phrasings, but they all attribute it to the same source: the Bible. I had absolutely no idea. I’m not a religious person, but this particular piece of advice is perhaps the principle on which I try to base the greatest part of my behaviour in interpersonal situations, and has been for years. It was an interesting discovery, and thank you again herSCREAMINGshadows for giving me this challenge for the opportunity to find this out (and all of you guys for reading my blog so I have someone to share it with).

Even though I still won’t make any nominations for the challenge, you guys should definitely give it a try! Who knows what you might discover 🙂

Three days, three quotes – day 2

Thank you, herSCREAMINGshadows, for this nomination! Forgot how fun it actually is.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  3. Nominate three other bloggers each day.

The Second Quote:

Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing. (Aristotle)

And a little something inspired by it:

A heavy rain on a lake
Means no wave stays unturned,
But no circle ever reaches
More than centimetres across.
People will always talk,
Many words, with many mouths,
With many distractions as well.
They leave no trace behind.
You can’t satisfy them all,
But nor should you ever.
Choose quality over quantity.
Your opinion is the only one
Which actually makes a mark.
You’re your harshest critic,
So don’t set that bar too high.
You achieve more stumbling forward
Than running on the spot.


I find this a very encouraging reminder. I tend to have this bad habit of worrying about whether I do things right or just make a fool of myself. But the truth is, I’m probably doing both at the same time. I might do something horribly, which isn’t the best feeling in the world, but I still do it, which is the only thing that matters. Progress and criticism don’t happen one without the other, and I’m not going to give up on the former just for fear of the latter. So come criticize me, baby! 😉

Again, I won’t make specific nominations, but please take this as an open invitation to join in the ‘Three days, three quotes’ challenge!

Three days, three quotes – day 1

I’ve been nominated, rather unexpectedly, to the ‘Three days, three quotes’ challenge by herSCREAMINGshadows. Thank you a lot for this! And guys, the screaming is really quite lovely, do check it out.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  3. Nominate three other bloggers each day.

The First Quote:

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. (John Lennon)

And a little something inspired by it:

The words we write only make sense
Because of the white page behind them.
Maybe we’ll get to reach our dreams,
But that’s a single moment of satisfaction.
No matter how big, it can’t compete
With the hundreds of dinners you rushed,
The special people you didn’t meet,
The experiences you never got to have.
We’re only humans, and we can’t see
Something as large as life at once.
We see many trees and we call it forest,
But maybe every once in a while,
We should find out if it’s an oak or ash
That we ignore by the side of our path,
Take a break, and see the shade of which
Pushes us forward faster after it.
Always aim high, and always aim true,
But the destination doesn’t change
Merely because you chose the nicer path.
So look through the gaps in between
The boxes you’re desperately checking.
You might be surprised, but life
Is peering back, waiting.


I won’t nominate anybody specifically, but if you’ve read this, consider yourself invited to join in the fun!

Hope you all get to experience lovely, dense forests of stunningly beautiful and unique trees. The kind that you don’t mind getting lost in every so often. See you tomorrow!

Three days quote – day 3

Aand here I am at the last day of the ‘three days, three quotes’ challenge that Soul Therapist so kindly nominated me to. Thank you again! And, without further ado, quote 3:

‘It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.’ (Epictetus)

(I can already feel my mother smirking over my choice. But, terrible as it may seem, our tastes do happen to match on this particular instance. Though, on second thought, this might not be the best thing to acknowledge in public, in writing, where it can be so easily held over my head… 🙂 )

The world doesn’t care what you want it to do.
I’ve never heard of disasters coming undone
Because people asked them nicely to go away.
I’ve never heard of bad luck being kind
And avoiding those already dealing with enough.
It’s not even a problem of sentience –
You may influence the behaviour of some people
But never all, and never will you be in control.
The only thing that is truly in your control
Is yourself.
It’s not about what happens. So many others
Experience the exact same things, and yet
Some of us come out on top of challenges,
While others fall completely to pieces.
The simpler you assume the equation of life,
The less sense it makes. If it’s just
A sum of experiences, I can give you the result
And you can jump directly to the end of it.
Such rigid predetermination leaves no place
For morals, religion, philosophy, even luck…
Nothing that could allow debate or chance.
We’d all be little robots, identical copies.
And we’re not.
In fact, we’re at the other end of the spectrum,
Uniqueness the one thing we all hold dear.
The same light filtering through a kaleidoscope
Looks nothing alike depending where you look.
And the best part is that we all already know
The simple motion of moving our gaze away.
So next time your world looks too black
Move your eyes to that beautiful rosy patch
And from there go a step further, grab paint
And do something to turn the blackness rosy too.
It’s all about how you react.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Post a quote for three days
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day


  1. Alien Ideology
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  3. csincere

Three days quote – day 2

Hello everyone! Here we are on day 2.

Again, thank you so much to Soul Therapist for the nomination. Do check out the blog for some amazing writing.

My second quote is

‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’ (Mahatma Gandhi)

While there are many things to be told about the second part of the quote (and I will probably get to say them at some point), my comment today focuses on the first part. It actually came to me before I even consciously knew what quote must have inspired it. And we all know that you can’t deny the muse when she comes.

What if today was the very last day,
These words your very last words.
When you wake up in the morning,
Consider that possibility
And never leave anything unsaid.
I have lived so much time in books
Because they give another dimension,
A life that makes more sense
In its hurried dystopian danger.
I’m sure it would be terrible
If it was actually to come true.
But maybe, somewhere in evolution,
Humans did forget what they’re doing.
We treat thriving like survival
And make a chore out of it.
We use probabilities to decide
What would make us happy and when,
But we wouldn’t ever do that
If we knew our time was limited.
I’m not encouraging hedonism
Pleasure shouldn’t be our only drive,
But maybe we could understand
What survival is, and that
Most of us already achieved it,
And separate it from the rest,
Stop worrying and timing enjoyment
And find a way to live
Without regret.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Post a quote for three days
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day


  1. Destiny Bergeron at ‘Lost in my notebook’
  2. S.M. Saves at ‘To My Recollection’
  3. A.I. Alex at ‘It’s a small world’

I know it’s not what you would usually post, but I hope you’ll give it a try 🙂

Thank you for reading, and see you all tomorrow!

Three days quote – day 1

Thank you so much to Soul Therapist at SoulWrite Empire for giving me my first nomination to anything in blogging ever!!! (Hope you can feel the excitement).

My quote for day 1 is

‘Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them as much’ (Oscar Wilde)

I find this quote funny, but I especially like it because it speaks to me throughout completely different moods. In my charitable days, I’d focus on the forgiveness part, while in the rest I can just cackle gleefully over the chance to annoy someone. While I do think forgiveness is good for the soul, I just felt pragmatic today:

I’ve actually been told
That this is the worst advice to give someone
Because your forgiveness
Won’t do anything to defend the next kick
But there’s a difference
Between forgiving someone and forgetting;
Always be prepared –
Probably the people who hit you once
Will do it again.
But looking for revenge requires your attention –
Thoughts and feelings
Engaged, occupied in a circle of destruction.
There’s only so much time
Wouldn’t you rather you use it on yourself,
On something beautiful,
On making your life better, more meaningful?
So to your enemies,
Do your very worse, but leave your heart out.
To be loved or hated
Are the signs that someone is important.
You obviously are,
Or how else could you have enemies to begin with?
But don’t return the favour,
Don’t give them the satisfaction of you being
Preoccupied with their life.
Defend yourself, ensure they won’t attack again,
Then smile at them
From where they are bleeding on the floor
And just say
‘I forgive you. How could someone like you
Know any better?’
There’s more than one way to hurt someone.

PS: For anybody worrying, the kicking, hitting, attacking and bleeding are most probably an after effect of having two Krav Maga classes today. I’m usually not that violent! (everybody who actually knows me shhh don’t call me out on it in public).


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Post a quote for three days
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