The wildest ecstasy

The taste of pleasures you have never seen,

Flesh moving to hypnotic, earthy rhythms

Colourful stars dancing under the skin,

A night that combines ends with origins.

The immortal ambrosia of the forbidden sin,

Bodies and minds so slightly de-phased

Both on the brink of overloading spin,

New universes discovered with eyes glazed.

Roll ecstasy in your mouth and bite it down,

The moans both more and less than human;

Choose the knowledge in which to drown,

And the body in which to have it proven.

Space and time

When you touch me, softest caress
I become, and can’t supress
The whole of space and places thousands
Mountains, flowers, rivers dozens.

And late at night, when I’m all yours
You’re opening up all my pores
Compressing all my feeling tight
I’m time, and all that moment’s bright.

The whole universe I feel,
None to little and all real
When I’m yours and yours alone
I’m the universe my own.


Lightning wandering through skies,
Wind a-caring scared cries,
Dark’ning night is bleached to ash,
Wild forces are at clash.

Precious lace of mighty art,
Drawing continents by chart
In the auburn evening dusk,
Charging smell of grass and musk.

But bewatch the look of fury,
Answering not man nor jury.
Find the beauty in the beast,
Let the nature be your priest.

Prayer give to uncontrolled,
Turn the anger into gold,
Look for good in each of vile,
Be the one to rule awhile.


I loved the world to die in flames;
I loved it, without face or names.
Its eyes of darkness cast on me,
I loved them, for they couldn’t see.

I loved the roses that were dying,
I loved the children that were crying.
Each and every drop of tear,
I loved it, for it wasn’t clear.

Why do we love all that is broken?
Why do we love what can’t be woken?
It is just a dream of ours,
That we’ll be buried with those flowers.

Between the Stars

Between each of heaven’s stars,
Counting Venus, counting Mars,
Maybe it would go unseen,
One of them leaving the scene.

Maybe to the whole of sky,
No one notice stars to die;
To my little patch of star,
Constellation from afar,

One of twinkle would mean end,
Leading night into descend,
Slight of change could be so much,
Killing planets out of touch.

Maybe to the whole of races,
Billions to ignore graces,
Death of you would be a breeze,
A soft wind inside the trees.

But to me, to those around,
Those to know your sight and sound,
Leaving us would darken night.
Who would think one star’s so bright?

So for those to feel alone,
Look around, just at your own.
Universe is made of parts;
Care rule in yours the arts.

March Flowers

The turn of page to March has come
On fast winds and gentle sun.
The branches of the trees have filled
With a white and silver gild
That lets off the fresh perfume
Of its special springly bloom.
Other blooms the windows grace,
With their lush flowery lace,
So thick you can hardly see
In the garden what might be.
I think the ground is happy too
With its new and warm updo,
Not again beaten by winds
By which it has been so skinned.
Oh, you spring, so good you came!

… it is only a small shame
That the trees are white with snow
Coming down in steady flow,
That the flowers grow from ice,
Frozen over once, twice, thrice,
And the ground’s new plushy cover
Hugging it like a lost lover
Only holds it warm and spared
Because we weren’t prepared
For the inches of its height
When the snow piled at night.

March, it’s good that you have come…
Any chance you’d bring some sun?
It seems that maybe you forgot
You’re a spring, not winter thought.



Be a star in the night sky

Be a star in the night sky,
A sparkling light against darkness,
A soft but steady permanence
That’s noticed most in gloom.

Be a star in the night sky,
A sphere of primordial forces,
Remote, but touching beings
From thousands light-years away.

Be a star in the night sky,
A bead of cold, silvery crystal,
Still revered as the warmest fire
By lost travellers everywhere.

Be a star in the night sky,
A body that firmly belongs to science,
But isn’t afraid to be both the lyrics
And the chorus of romantics.

Too many people aim to be the moon.
But why should you want to be something
That needs to borrow someone else’s light
And only matters when tethered to a person?
No, be the thing that gives off its own light
And has a galaxy born and held together by it,
The thing that doesn’t need anything to survive,
And when it doesn’t, it goes off with a boom
And makes the world a little darker for it.
Be a star in the night sky.