Three days, three quotes – day 1

I’ve been nominated, rather unexpectedly, to the ‘Three days, three quotes’ challenge by herSCREAMINGshadows. Thank you a lot for this! And guys, the screaming is really quite lovely, do check it out.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  3. Nominate three other bloggers each day.

The First Quote:

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. (John Lennon)

And a little something inspired by it:

The words we write only make sense
Because of the white page behind them.
Maybe we’ll get to reach our dreams,
But that’s a single moment of satisfaction.
No matter how big, it can’t compete
With the hundreds of dinners you rushed,
The special people you didn’t meet,
The experiences you never got to have.
We’re only humans, and we can’t see
Something as large as life at once.
We see many trees and we call it forest,
But maybe every once in a while,
We should find out if it’s an oak or ash
That we ignore by the side of our path,
Take a break, and see the shade of which
Pushes us forward faster after it.
Always aim high, and always aim true,
But the destination doesn’t change
Merely because you chose the nicer path.
So look through the gaps in between
The boxes you’re desperately checking.
You might be surprised, but life
Is peering back, waiting.


I won’t nominate anybody specifically, but if you’ve read this, consider yourself invited to join in the fun!

Hope you all get to experience lovely, dense forests of stunningly beautiful and unique trees. The kind that you don’t mind getting lost in every so often. See you tomorrow!


There is no such thing as darkness.
It’s just the absence of light,
It’s a lack of something you need,
But not something to make demands.
So when the darkness grows heavy,
Look at it and turn on your shine,
Tell it why it is nothing at all,
And why it has no power over you.
The moon and the sun do not fear night.
They decide, instead, when to allow it to be,
And the flame fears not the shadows,
But makes and unmakes them at will.
Darkness to light is not water to fire.
If anything, the only thing it can do,
Is make a contrast to make it seem brighter.
You are not the reflection in a piece of glass,
Waiting for something to hit it just so,
To break the gloom into little rainbows.
Instead, your soul burns hot and bright,
So remove the cover over your lantern,
Remove the things that keep the flame in check,
And light it all up from the inside.
And the things that skittered in the dark,
Catch them, burn them, and light their ashes
To pave the road for those who are yet to learn
That darkness is just the absence of light.

Today is the day

Today is a day like any other,

The sun will rise just the same,

And nothing exciting will happen,

No miracles will pour down with rain.

Today you will get out of bed

And still go to do your job,

Still do your tasks and chores,

Still have the same responsibilities.

But maybe on your way to work,

You’ll help that lady cross the street

And you will never know

That she is crying because

Until yesterday she would have hobbled

Happily along her old husband,

But she would have been alone today

And every day from now on.

But maybe while picking lunch,

You will smile at the girl across the counter

And you will never know that she blushes

Because she spent last night crying

Feeling worthless after her lover left her,

And she would not have realized

She was worthy of someone’s attention

With her red rimmed eyes and splotchy cheeks.

But maybe when you go home,

You will buy that little kid an ice cream

And you will never know that

He doesn’t smile from the sugary treat,

But because he couldn’t have told

Whether the world was a good place still

After his mommy left him.

Today is a day like any other.

Every day is equally good

To be the day you change someone’s life.

A beautiful day, a beautiful year

The longest journeys start

With the same kind of step

As crossing the street.

You need the same letters

To write a whole trilogy

As a single sentence.

A lifetime is the longest measure

We would ever be allowed to know,

But it’s still just moments

Coming one after the other.

So at the strike of midnight,

When you plan your next year

And the hope of having it all

Breathtakingly beautiful

Sounds like a daunting task,

Remember that a year

Is just a collection of days

And resolve to just have

One beautiful day after another.

All goodness

All goodness comes with a price.

How does that saying go?

‘No good deed goes unpunished.’

And that is quite tragically true.

Most people equate goodness

With sacrifice. An act is not good

If it’s accidental, incidental,

If you haven’t given up something,

Ever so little, even just your time,

To bring about its completion.

And people may react to it

With scorn, dismay, indifference.

You’re basically paying

To complicate your own life.

Now there are solutions to that.

One is built-in, in that

True goodness comes, by definition,

Without any kind of expectation

Of receiving something in return.

A beautiful surface with an ugly core.

The very existence of its possibility

Says something tragical about

The character of the receiver.

There’s another solution though,

One that challenges the definition.

What if goodness shouldn’t be sacrifice?

What if every deed of a good person,

Every deed that helps us somehow,

Automatically becomes a good deed?

Wouldn’t that teach us more,

Make us feel less entitled

To people’s time and attention,

Wouldn’t it make us appreciate

The things that we do receive?

How about, instead of the things

We’ve been doing for so long,

We learn to answer all goodness

With more goodness in return,

Be it even a smile and thank you

Were we not capable of something more

And make sure we pay that more

To someone else, some other time,

And just make sure that all goodness

Gives more goodness to go around.

Because you deserve it

Hold your hand out and ask for it,

Because you deserve it.

Rise up and demand it,

Because you deserve it.

Jump to your feet and shout for it,

Because you deserve it.

I have no idea what your ‘it’ is,

Nor do I need to.

God doesn’t have the time to tally

Who owes and who deserves

Money. Lunch. A helping hand.

So somebody else needs to decide

Who deserves what.

We’re busy people. We don’t like

Having to take so much into account,

So we look for shortcuts.

And we believe whoever has the guts

To decide themselves deserving first.

You’re your judge, jury and executioner

So go out there and get it.

Because you deserve it.

I can’t pay you back

I can’t pay you back, not completely, not ever –

The world has given us different currencies

And there’s no measure that brings them together,

No way to ensure fair-play, certainties.


I think it was meant to work more like barter,

Exchanging things that we subjectively need,

A means to make us better, not smarter,

And paying forth, not back, should be creed.


Paying around could be another solution

When our means make no difference directly,

We can make elsewhere our contribution

And trust it will somehow find you correctly.


But certainly, the world is not made for paybacks,

It’s such a sad fate to stay and count debts

We learn, instead, to guess and fill in the cracks

And be happy with what one gives as one gets.

The 6 stages

There are six stages that I can tell.
Not sure what to call the first but an S –
A Slip, a Slide, or maybe
A Slow descent for some, sometime.
Then comes I for Ignore, when
It’s not that we pretend nothing is wrong
But genuinely ignore the simple possibility
That something might be amiss and go.
The third is the Acknowledgement,
A sweet momentary relief, not unlike
Being moody for a few long days
Until you have that Ah moment and realize
What time of the month it is,
And don’t feel quite so absurd anymore.
And in the rare lucky cases,
It also provides a solution to the pain,
In the same chocolate-y form.
The relief doesn’t last long enough though,
And on its heels comes swift Revolt,
A raging at the world and desperate search
For the misplaced cure that you once used.
It’s at least better than the
Blind stumble into disaster without cause,
And blaming someone gives you something to do.
Then comes Acceptance. Sweet and peaceful
As you remember the cure is only time,
And you finally allow it to yourself,
And instead of fixing things
You find make-do solutions
And relearn to work with what you have,
With a shorter fuse, an emptier canister
And only ever one day at a time.
I never managed to pinpoint Recovery
Despite its most obvious existence.
It’s impossibly gradual and fast at once,
And one day you just realize
That you look back and see yourself
At the top of that abysmally long trek up
And your smiles come easy once again.
That’s the process for me. S-I-A-R-A-R.
‘Seerer’, I suppose, it could be pronounced.
Not the most inspired acronym perhaps
But then again, maybe it was meant to be,
Because you need more seer(-er) powers
Than any possible oracle in mythology
To even remember there is ever an end
When you’re in the throes of that descent.


A/N: Some of you might have noticed lately from the subjects of my poems I seemed a bit down. I’m happy to say I’ve had a very quick A-R-A ark and am now much better. Thank you so much for your support and for always reading and commenting despite my changing moods. Love you all.

What do you guys think? Ever gone through this? Are your recovery stages the same when you go through a darker period, or are you doing things differently?

Being alone

A lot of people fear being alone,
But there’s a difference between
Being alone and being lonely.
The ones who walk on their own,
Go to a restaurant and sit down,
Waving past the second menu,
The ones who take a book out
When they sit down on a bench
Instead of calling a friend over –
They receive long looks.
Pityful looks at times.
At the very least puzzlement,
If they don’t at least pretend
That they’re waiting for someone.
Some resent that look.
Personally, I’d return the pity.
There’s a difference between
Being alone and being lonely.
And it must be really lonely
When you can’t stand being alone,
When you don’t realize that
A crowd doesn’t isolate against it.
People who are by themselves,
By choice, not drowning in terror,
Are rarely by themselves.
They’re with themselves.
If you make time to be with people,
Maybe you shouldn’t think it so odd
That some know to make time
To be with the most important
Person in their lives –
To be with themselves.
Give it a try. Who knows,
Maybe you will even discover
That you actually like them.


(PS: Sorry I haven’t posted this weekend… I kept waiting for exams to finish so I have some free time and now I find myself even more busy! Some alone time would be welcome right about now… 🙂 )

Three days quote – day 2

Hello everyone! Here we are on day 2.

Again, thank you so much to Soul Therapist for the nomination. Do check out the blog for some amazing writing.

My second quote is

‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’ (Mahatma Gandhi)

While there are many things to be told about the second part of the quote (and I will probably get to say them at some point), my comment today focuses on the first part. It actually came to me before I even consciously knew what quote must have inspired it. And we all know that you can’t deny the muse when she comes.

What if today was the very last day,
These words your very last words.
When you wake up in the morning,
Consider that possibility
And never leave anything unsaid.
I have lived so much time in books
Because they give another dimension,
A life that makes more sense
In its hurried dystopian danger.
I’m sure it would be terrible
If it was actually to come true.
But maybe, somewhere in evolution,
Humans did forget what they’re doing.
We treat thriving like survival
And make a chore out of it.
We use probabilities to decide
What would make us happy and when,
But we wouldn’t ever do that
If we knew our time was limited.
I’m not encouraging hedonism
Pleasure shouldn’t be our only drive,
But maybe we could understand
What survival is, and that
Most of us already achieved it,
And separate it from the rest,
Stop worrying and timing enjoyment
And find a way to live
Without regret.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Post a quote for three days
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day


  1. Destiny Bergeron at ‘Lost in my notebook’
  2. S.M. Saves at ‘To My Recollection’
  3. A.I. Alex at ‘It’s a small world’

I know it’s not what you would usually post, but I hope you’ll give it a try 🙂

Thank you for reading, and see you all tomorrow!