Puzzle pieces

The thing I love most about you
Is the journey to your discovery,
The constant challenges you give me
For getting any piece of you.
It’s an interesting game,
Having to sort through all your words
When I know half of them are lies.
But it’s not the truth I’m looking for,
It’s the way your smile curves
And the twinkle in your eyes.
So keep lying to me, love,
I’m learning more important things
Than simple information.
Every story you ever give me
Is a little piece of puzzle –
You can blur the shape and colour
Of each one individually,
But they will still be contributing
To the great tapestry of you.
So keep giving me pieces,
However hard I may need to work
To find the places where they fit.
I’m not giving up until I reveal
The thing I can only guess at now,
Until I have a whole puzzle
To glue together, and hang up
As a beautiful, colorful picture
On the walls of my heart.

Contradiction of Love

How illogical a question could it be,
How illogical it is the never ending plea,
You, us, asking if we’d be loved still,
If we change, how we are and what we will.

I’m angry, at myself, for wanting to know this.
I don’t want any answer. I want a laugh and kiss.
Then why I ask? What insurance it is
Whatever it will be, truth or lie of his?

And, truth be told, how would he know?
As if I couldn’t lie so pretty days ago.
And why does it matter, how it could have been?
The person I am sketching, the light has never seen.

To put some other traits in the same eyes,
To put some other joys, fears and cries.
But isn’t that a whole other being than me,
Standing in the shadow, staring at the sea?

And if I’m loved, it’s me in there, not the other.
Why should the so-called creature even bother?
And why would I care, as long as I’m the same,
For the other person that only shares a name?

But people sometimes change. And they shouldn’t be made
To love the new. It’s not the same. But neither strayed.
This is why love also dies out. It also has an end.
And it is fine. If it revives, or never gets to mend.

But, on the other side, are we just too blind to see
That love is about the whole, about you and me.
Not color of the eye, not fashion and not trend.
It has every right to always do ascend.

What is a fight, a fallout of two mated souls?
It is just other growth when destiny controls.
Yes, love’s contradictory. And life is even more.
But it gives us the best that living has in store.


Our love deserves the truth, no matter hard.
It will keep, for life so strong, however scarred.
But what is that my happy smile’s worth?
Not even a small lie, if that leads to rebirth?
Is truth worth the ever falling tears,
And yet more kept and swallowed through the years?
What’s so great about the black doomed knowledge
That forces between mind and world acknowledge?
Trust is one of man’s most precious gems, it’s true.
And yet earned easier in hide, what an ironic view!

I love to see in your dark eyes false tears,
When you pretend that gone are all my fears,
It’s just a lie, I know, on your beautiful lips,
It’s even better now, it’s more for which it keeps.
I could tell truth from lie and life from dream –
I wish not to. I like all things as they so seem.
I watch inside your warm deep eyes and see the truth.
Just turn around! Don’t kill a lie so early in its youth.
But my mind screams at me, so horrified,
How I betray the truth, once so much glorified.

It’s easier to hide, to choose nice over true,
But don’t blame me! You think you’d wish you knew?
We all wish handsome lies to never waver once
We wish us not to be in the distrusting’s dance,
To never have to question, and also never suffer.
But life would get so boring, if it wasn’t tougher.
I wish just for a pause. And then to hit replay,
And then I wouldn’t choose the wrong of the long way.
But, you know what, you’re right, as always. Be sincere.
It’s time I get to learn to live and choose the path that’s clear.