All kinds of happiness

A child clapping in delight

To things we’ve long since lost the wonder of.

The satisfaction of a job well done

Patching over all issues from the way.

Cheering from well-meaning friends,

And a more malevolent type of glee hidden.

Parents sighing in glad relief

When the children’s wild games are over,

While the elders smile on, amused,

Having found the secret to contentment.

A blissful pleasure shared between lovers,

With renewed rejoicing at every encounter.

And the thrill of discovering it all,

How many facets happiness can hide.

There are fiery sides to its rapture,

And deep pools of blessed serenity,

The coy smiles and the genuine ones

Hiding so many other little qualifiers

From shyness to absence, to desire, to dare,

Internal and hidden to boisterous bursts.

And the laughs – so many possible laughs

Giggles, chuckles, wheezes, cackles…

And on and on it can go with a grin,

The mere list turned to self-gratification,

An unexpected sort of kind reassurance

That of all possible kinds of happiness,

You too can find one for your own.

For my gratitude

It’s so much easier to notice

The things that go wrong –

They have this obstinate ability

To dig their claws into you

And command your attention.

Thoughts of good things, of luck,

Are instead slippery, finicky,

Exhausting to tackle and hold down.

And it’s understandable.

Gratitude is a strange process.

How do you know who to be thankful to?

Do you thank God? Which one? Is there any?

Fate? Should you thank for predestination?

Karma? But then isn’t it deserved?

Isn’t this becoming a little like

Thanking for receiving thanks?

The universe? The time? The world?

Are you grateful to yourself?

That would feel quite odd.

Maybe some of the choices

Would be quite brilliant,

Feeding back into themselves

In a spiral of virtues, contentment.

But I never could managed that,

Being polite to an abstract.

So I will be using you instead.

No, don’t look like that.

Don’t shrug your shoulders.

I’m not that far gone as to assume

That you hold the bridles of the universe.

I’m aware that I’m sowing discord,

Pushing you up on that golden pedestal.

But please understand

That you’re just a convenient icon

For forces that I don’t understand,

That might just as well not exist.

So let me be in my happy heresy,

Let me make you into the greatest god,

So I have a reason to bow at your feet

And find all the reasons

For which I should be thankful.

It’s the only way that I know

To cheat at this game of life

And always remember that I am happy.

Letter across time

Imagine two points in time,
A past and a future,
A younger and an older you.
You are allowed to send one letter
But only in one direction.
Which do you choose?
Funny enough, I think I’d rather
Do the one that doesn’t
Contradict the laws of nature.
I’d rather hear from my past
Than have to write to it.
What would I write, anyway?
I can’t tell her my accomplishments –
The path one should follow
Is not a decision you are allowed
To take from someone, even yourself.
I’d rather, instead, listen
To the way I used to think,
Have the glasses to look at the world
In such a way as to make it
Make a different kind of sense.
I change every day,
And I want to remember
How exactly I used to be and why,
To chuckle at my naivety
And breathe in the melancholy
Of all the road that’s already passed.
Whichever direction it goes, though
I think there’s only one thing
That I’d absolutely need to hear.
‘It’s fine. You’re happy.
I’m proud of who you are.’
Because even across time,
Past the limit of my memory,
Or glimpsing into a distant future,
I know this is the case.
Because it’s up to me to be.


Which way would you rather your letter go?

Being alone

A lot of people fear being alone,
But there’s a difference between
Being alone and being lonely.
The ones who walk on their own,
Go to a restaurant and sit down,
Waving past the second menu,
The ones who take a book out
When they sit down on a bench
Instead of calling a friend over –
They receive long looks.
Pityful looks at times.
At the very least puzzlement,
If they don’t at least pretend
That they’re waiting for someone.
Some resent that look.
Personally, I’d return the pity.
There’s a difference between
Being alone and being lonely.
And it must be really lonely
When you can’t stand being alone,
When you don’t realize that
A crowd doesn’t isolate against it.
People who are by themselves,
By choice, not drowning in terror,
Are rarely by themselves.
They’re with themselves.
If you make time to be with people,
Maybe you shouldn’t think it so odd
That some know to make time
To be with the most important
Person in their lives –
To be with themselves.
Give it a try. Who knows,
Maybe you will even discover
That you actually like them.


(PS: Sorry I haven’t posted this weekend… I kept waiting for exams to finish so I have some free time and now I find myself even more busy! Some alone time would be welcome right about now… 🙂 )

Celebrate it!

Keeping it short and sweet today.

Find a person to tell
Something good that happened to you today.
If you don’t have a person,
Shout your accomplishments until the air
Vibrates with their charge.
Nothing is too small or insignificant,
As long as it matters to you.
Be it winning a competition or only getting up,
Celebrate your victories.
Toast your success with your teddy bear,
Thank the universe,
And then close your eyes and thank yourself.
You’ll see that soon
You will have cause for non-stop celebration.

Thank you to all those who have been there for me, and that I got to share bits and pieces of me with. Saying the good things out loud gives them more power than you’d expect. You guys being in my life is the biggest accomplishment I have!

Anybody feel like sharing one of theirs? 🙂

Three days quote – day 2

Hello everyone! Here we are on day 2.

Again, thank you so much to Soul Therapist for the nomination. Do check out the blog for some amazing writing.

My second quote is

‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’ (Mahatma Gandhi)

While there are many things to be told about the second part of the quote (and I will probably get to say them at some point), my comment today focuses on the first part. It actually came to me before I even consciously knew what quote must have inspired it. And we all know that you can’t deny the muse when she comes.

What if today was the very last day,
These words your very last words.
When you wake up in the morning,
Consider that possibility
And never leave anything unsaid.
I have lived so much time in books
Because they give another dimension,
A life that makes more sense
In its hurried dystopian danger.
I’m sure it would be terrible
If it was actually to come true.
But maybe, somewhere in evolution,
Humans did forget what they’re doing.
We treat thriving like survival
And make a chore out of it.
We use probabilities to decide
What would make us happy and when,
But we wouldn’t ever do that
If we knew our time was limited.
I’m not encouraging hedonism
Pleasure shouldn’t be our only drive,
But maybe we could understand
What survival is, and that
Most of us already achieved it,
And separate it from the rest,
Stop worrying and timing enjoyment
And find a way to live
Without regret.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Post a quote for three days
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day


  1. Destiny Bergeron at ‘Lost in my notebook’
  2. S.M. Saves at ‘To My Recollection’
  3. A.I. Alex at ‘It’s a small world’

I know it’s not what you would usually post, but I hope you’ll give it a try 🙂

Thank you for reading, and see you all tomorrow!

Daily writing

I have written now for a while,
Day after day without pause.
I always knew that writing
Was to the cup that held my soul
The bowl that would capture the spills
And feed back into the waterfall
To keep me spinning the wheel.
But daily writing is something else,
There’s a special freedom to it,
A quality to the mere quantity.
Instead of worrying for a subject,
After a while, this has become
Just sitting down to compose
And letting my mind hook
Onto the most relevant topic.
Every day, it gets to choose
One thing to purge away from me,
Or one beautiful thought to share.
And I end up lighter of worries
And fuller of brighter things,
My poems prayers to the universe,
A grounding I have missed.
I think I forgot how this goes before,
Because it’s not about talent,
It’s not even about creativity.
It’s the simple joy of writing,
The primordial feeling
Of letting go and floating
In the amniotic fluid of your choice.
It’s just about freedom.

Jar of delight

Every being is a jar of delight,
Their flavours sweet, delicious and bright,
Even those that hide a sour bite,
A note of sadness or a taste of fright.

It just gets some getting used to,
Until you find their flavour true
To enjoy them sooner, I wish I knew –
It would have helped me while I grew.

I learnt thought that I should always try
And taste the substance of every lie,
See what they are without asking why
And keeping close those that keep me high.

So with my lips stained I walk now around,
With beautiful flavours that abound,
Friends that through taste I have found,
To whom forever I hope to be bound.


A/N: inspired by one of iScriblr’s many beautiful quotes (click here to see her post). Not exactly what I thought it would bring about, but it ended up in an impressive amount of rhymes!

Space and time

When you touch me, softest caress
I become, and can’t supress
The whole of space and places thousands
Mountains, flowers, rivers dozens.

And late at night, when I’m all yours
You’re opening up all my pores
Compressing all my feeling tight
I’m time, and all that moment’s bright.

The whole universe I feel,
None to little and all real
When I’m yours and yours alone
I’m the universe my own.


There are so many people out there telling girls
That they should wipe the makeup off and be ‘natural’.
Almost as many as those who look me in the eye
And ask me why I don’t wear makeup more often.
But the thing is, you form impressions about people
Within seconds of first meeting them,
And I’ve seen people focus way too often
On the colour of the lip gloss when you wear it;
On the shade of the eyeshadow when you put it on –
They only realize there’s a smile underneath,
They only notice if the eyes crinkle at the corners
When you leave everything else bare
And don’t give their gaze any other hold.
I want to be that sincere, imperfect smile,
Rather than a gorgeous, ravishing mask.
I want to be a pretty… amazing person,
I want to be a beautiful…ly written story,
I want the alluring part about me to be my personality,
The delightful part, my conversations,
The dazzling part, my intelligence.
I would rather have people look at me in surprise
When I do take the time to put makeup on,
Than have them baffled when I take it off.
It’s a choice, and I’m aware mine is the odd one,
But if you don’t care to see the beauty of who I am,
It’s a waste of both of our times to get caught up
In painting an illusion on my face only.
So go and find your wide-eyed blushing maiden
While I leave my cheeks naked and make up my soul.