There is no such thing as darkness.
It’s just the absence of light,
It’s a lack of something you need,
But not something to make demands.
So when the darkness grows heavy,
Look at it and turn on your shine,
Tell it why it is nothing at all,
And why it has no power over you.
The moon and the sun do not fear night.
They decide, instead, when to allow it to be,
And the flame fears not the shadows,
But makes and unmakes them at will.
Darkness to light is not water to fire.
If anything, the only thing it can do,
Is make a contrast to make it seem brighter.
You are not the reflection in a piece of glass,
Waiting for something to hit it just so,
To break the gloom into little rainbows.
Instead, your soul burns hot and bright,
So remove the cover over your lantern,
Remove the things that keep the flame in check,
And light it all up from the inside.
And the things that skittered in the dark,
Catch them, burn them, and light their ashes
To pave the road for those who are yet to learn
That darkness is just the absence of light.


She’s not a person you’d look at twice,
Were you to glimpse her going down the street.
It’s only her eyes that are dangerous,
And what happens when you strip her naked,
Letting the wild soul underneath breathe.
She’s fearless in only her skin,
The clothes a role too small for her to fit.
Her skin fits her not like a tailored suit,
Not something beautiful you’re afraid to spoil,
But like the things that grow with you
Until they become soft and comfortable,
That stretch to contain your curves
And toughen around your sharp edges.
She’s the kind of creature for whom
The clothes, the rules, the world,
Are an unwelcome constraint she can do without.
Anybody would, when they are so unnecessary.
She needs nothing other than herself –
She needs no weapons. She is a weapon,
Forged in the fire of a thousand suns.
She needs no cover. The universe is her cover,
Human eyes too feeble to perceive her.
She’s the kind of woman in whose arms you go
Looking for the meaning of God,
But remain for having found a goddess instead.
Don’t be fooled. Her hips are a beautiful lure,
The arms around you springing a hidden trap,
The lips honeyed only to hide the poison.
You can bleed to death cut on her sharp tongue,
And even worse on her sharper mind.
It’s a relief she’s this mythical creature
Only when her skin and soul are bare.
You’re safe if only you don’t look then
In the beautiful abyss of her hypnotic eyes.
So what are you waiting for? We both know
You can’t wait to see her naked soul.

Flavour of fire

I can feel your proximity without turning to look,
Your presence blazing against my skin like a fire’s heat,
Your existence flaring into harder focus as night falls,
An insidious light against even closed lids.
Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for what you give me,
For thawing out my cold feet, to more boldly walk this world,
For lighting up my path to see the better opportunities,
But this is far from everything I want.

I want to undress and walk through the middle of your embers.
I want to completely plunge my hands into your heat,
So you turn my frozen body into molten liquid.
I want to lick your edges, to see if my senses scream
At the flame before or after I feel the taste of metal.
I want you to grab me, engulf me, blaze through me,
Until I either turn to ashes or become flame myself.

Oh, I know. I know you are fire made flesh.
I know a single touch could scorch me to my bones.
Don’t waste your breath. It’s not that I don’t hear your warnings.
And it’s not that I don’t care either.
I do care. I care enough to be entranced. To want it.
The danger only makes me want to touch, to try, to poke.
I don’t want you to slightly thaw my margins.
I want to feel the flavour of your fire in my pores.


You lips seared a brand into my skin,
So hot it masks the edge into pain
Drawing screams and moans in its wake.
There’s a spot on my back that you kissed
And the brand sank right through bones
All to the other side, into my heart,
Only the raised edge of your mark
To witness my complete surrender.
Do you even understand what you did,
You, master looking over his slave,
The pain, the shame of branding,
The disdain to myself that I let it,
That I let you own me so completely,
The disappointment that I can’t even
Hold onto it while the heat flickers
And licks its path through my soul,
Pulsing between my ears, my thighs…
So go on, brand me again, why let
Any inch of my skin without your mark,
Without the dark pulse of your power.
I don’t have any shame left for the world,
Whether or not they should see
What I already know to be true –
How utterly I belong to you.

You are

Like a wild bird straining in a gilded cage
You held it then it flew away in rage
Earth had this tendency to crumble beneath you
Yet you did all, you did more than you could do
You lost so much yet always you had still
You don’t stay, don’t think, you live and feel

You’re right, you’re light, you’re thunder and you’re fire
You lied, yet you were the most honest liar
Never claimed you were more than you could be
Perhaps even it wasn’t all of you you managed see
You’re human, you’re angel, you’re demon in one
You held within moon yet you controlled the sun

You’re the only one who didn’t regret the wrongs
You always enjoyed how love suffers and longs
You chose the long way, the wrong path
It was yours all the more it was rough

It’s all shadows and sunbursts and liquid contours
You’ve looked for some other perfumes and allures
Found some, lost others, always stuck by your own
You’ve got to have spirit fused to your bone

You’re fire, you’re lightning, you’re your very sun
You’re you and you’re right, and you’re so very not done


You should take care with your touch
Not to give too soon too much
To a body that by right
You could so easily ignite

My bones are flammable within
A spark already under skin
A brush too careless, too close
May make what nobody yet knows

Don’t touch, for it will burst in flame
No way to reign in or to tame
A golden child turned to fire
A human offering her sire

I would of course rise from the ash
But world could not accept the flash
The phoenix that would be reborn…
The world’s not ready for our morn