I used to draw eyes

I used to draw eyes.


Things beautiful and bright,

Made of shadow and light,

Some obscured, full of tears,

Rounded by surprise or by fears.


Maybe I needed someone to cry for me,

Or maybe I needed other eyes to see,

To give me a different perspective,

Or to see me, something reflective.


I used to draw eyes.


And then, one day, I just stopped.

No more of those eyes popped.

Maybe I finally saw what they’ve shown,

Or maybe, just maybe, I learnt to use my own.

Puzzle pieces

The thing I love most about you
Is the journey to your discovery,
The constant challenges you give me
For getting any piece of you.
It’s an interesting game,
Having to sort through all your words
When I know half of them are lies.
But it’s not the truth I’m looking for,
It’s the way your smile curves
And the twinkle in your eyes.
So keep lying to me, love,
I’m learning more important things
Than simple information.
Every story you ever give me
Is a little piece of puzzle –
You can blur the shape and colour
Of each one individually,
But they will still be contributing
To the great tapestry of you.
So keep giving me pieces,
However hard I may need to work
To find the places where they fit.
I’m not giving up until I reveal
The thing I can only guess at now,
Until I have a whole puzzle
To glue together, and hang up
As a beautiful, colorful picture
On the walls of my heart.

Tell Me What Was

Tell me what it was
So I can tell you what will be.
Time is a wrapped kind of mirror,
A spiral dressed up as a straight line.
I know you try to walk forward
But history always repeats itself
So at least remember the minefields
And step just slightly off next time.
It’s a day paused on repeat
But you get to make different choices
So choose to explore the new,
The things you were afraid of
The first time you came round –
If you’ll crash and burn anyway
At least make a bet with yourself
How long you’ll last this time.
Being the same isn’t a sin,
As long as you do something different,
The same way doing the same isn’t
If you’re a different person this time.
Just make sure to break the mould
With even the slightest fracture
To set the water flowing through cracks.
A mere trickle is enough for now
You have your whole life to build it up
Just make sure by the time you’re done
You’re a whole ocean of streams,
Wide and vast enough that
It won’t matter that every direction
Looks like the exact mirror of others
If you have an ocean’s depth beneath.
Let others worry about surface
And work at the important dimension.
Time is a wrapped kind of mirror –
You can look at what was
And glimpse what will be
But not everybody realizes
That the pair of eyes
Each side of the glass
Need to be different kinds
To tell backward from forward
And face the right way to see.


Today I laid down on the floor
And looked very hard in the mirror.
It didn’t matter that I only had the ceiling above me,
And the mirror was in another room.
I think my eyes were even closed at one point,
But I saw more clearly than I had in a while.

There was that reflection in the lake
Roiling slightly around the soles of my feet.
I loved the flowers that tangled in my hair
As the waves closed over my calves,
And the way the silk stretched against my body
When I sat cross-legged with the water to my waist.
It didn’t matter that there should have been walls behind me
Instead of those beautiful spring woods from the reflection
When my head went under the surface
While I was lying down on the floor.

There was that fleeting image on the side of the floating soap bubble.
And that flash of recognition before my hand closed against the door knob,
The little face that smiled at me before I sipped my water,
And the startling picture that appears whenever I turn off the phone.

The point, I see myself a lot.
Every day.
Enough to do it with my eyes closed.
Even lying down on the floor.

But I never realized that I could do it
Until I found a mirror that I always carried with me,
That I could never forget the shape and size and colour of.
I never saw myself until I could see
That reflection in the depth of your eyes,
My soul reflected in yours.

So now I can see everything,
Even with my eyes closed,
While I’m waiting for you to join me
Where I’m lying down on your floor.