A forever

We are born of the stars in this restricting flesh

And yearn to discover our way back to origins.

We reach for the world and demand that it yields

The secrets of its essence to our greedy fingers

We hoist ourselves up and start walking away

With barely half-learnt worlds of knowledge

And seek the next thrill, the bigger enigma

Until we’ve given everything just a cursory glance.

It catches up to us after we learn how to speak

And realize we don’t quite own the descriptives,

So we throw ourselves in the things we suppose

Should be beyond words – convenient excuses

Until we forget not to take them so earnestly

And we waste eternities looking in one’s eyes

Searching for stars that twinkle ironically

On the other edge of pretty, fake lashes.

It takes us long whiles to realize the difference

Between momentary distraction and true value,

Until we separate what deserves our fascination,

We’ve already wasted forever on wrong paths

But it’s fine, because we’re children of the stars

And that’s only a forever out of the very many

That we get to experiment with and get wrong.

Maybe next time we’ll use those forevers more wisely.

The wildest ecstasy

The taste of pleasures you have never seen,

Flesh moving to hypnotic, earthy rhythms

Colourful stars dancing under the skin,

A night that combines ends with origins.

The immortal ambrosia of the forbidden sin,

Bodies and minds so slightly de-phased

Both on the brink of overloading spin,

New universes discovered with eyes glazed.

Roll ecstasy in your mouth and bite it down,

The moans both more and less than human;

Choose the knowledge in which to drown,

And the body in which to have it proven.

It will all be yours

In some ways, greed is more virtue than sin.

Whatever you have, it should be enough,

The bare minimum required for survival.

Food, water and shelter, that should be it

And all the rest, fanciful notions

The starving may well scorn us for.

And yet all we do, all we praise in others

Is about going to some form of excess,

More and bigger and newer and better,

Be it objects or knowledge alike.

All progress is made because someone

One day decided this wasn’t enough

And got greedy enough to reach for more.

There’s no motivation without the greed.

So be greedy in peace, look and long and want.

It’s the necessary first step, after all,

To ensure that it will all be yours one day.

And then go one step further, do more,

And dip those around in the green of envy,

Fuel, inspire their own driving greed

Until we are all truly masters of everything.