To walk this Earth

To walk this Earth,

No mountain needs moving

And no sea parted.

They’re formidable obstacles

And we have not such skills.

But why would we need them

When we can do

Things so much better.

We can make the mountain

Disappear completely,

Turn it into

The gentlest slope,

And change the ocean into

The calmest lake.

To walk this Earth,

No obstacle needs removing,

But they need understanding

And to be respected

For what they are.

So when you see water,

You swim or build a bridge.

When you see inclines,

You learn to go uphill.

When you see drops,

You either go down or around.

It’s like riding a horse –

You go with the movement.

So to walk this Earth,

You only need to follow

The path that

You were given already.

If karma is real

I always start by paying my dues,

Just in case karma is real.

There’s something wrong with requesting

Without giving something first,

Like taking money out of an empty account.

It sometimes works, but the wise never do it

Because it comes back with a bite.

So maybe my desires sound crazy,

Too much for too small a world,

But I would never dare even hope

For something I haven’t offered myself,

A couple times over, to make sure I’m worthy

And rack up a nice universal debt.

I firmly believe that everybody

Starts out with infinite potential.

It’s just a question of what I’m choosing to feed,

To get thrice over the doubt and suspicion

Or to foster what I want to make bloom.

So I always start with the assumption

That the world is good and kind,

And you, my darling, are the most

Amazing and wonderful of them all.

And you’ll have to work very hard indeed

To make me even consider that I am wrong.

Because, every once in a while,

I’m known to make a mistake or twenty,

And by then I want to have helped others up

Enough time to have a right to expect

You to already be reaching for me

When I lift a hand up, asking for help.

Because you deserve it

Hold your hand out and ask for it,

Because you deserve it.

Rise up and demand it,

Because you deserve it.

Jump to your feet and shout for it,

Because you deserve it.

I have no idea what your ‘it’ is,

Nor do I need to.

God doesn’t have the time to tally

Who owes and who deserves

Money. Lunch. A helping hand.

So somebody else needs to decide

Who deserves what.

We’re busy people. We don’t like

Having to take so much into account,

So we look for shortcuts.

And we believe whoever has the guts

To decide themselves deserving first.

You’re your judge, jury and executioner

So go out there and get it.

Because you deserve it.

I can’t pay you back

I can’t pay you back, not completely, not ever –

The world has given us different currencies

And there’s no measure that brings them together,

No way to ensure fair-play, certainties.


I think it was meant to work more like barter,

Exchanging things that we subjectively need,

A means to make us better, not smarter,

And paying forth, not back, should be creed.


Paying around could be another solution

When our means make no difference directly,

We can make elsewhere our contribution

And trust it will somehow find you correctly.


But certainly, the world is not made for paybacks,

It’s such a sad fate to stay and count debts

We learn, instead, to guess and fill in the cracks

And be happy with what one gives as one gets.

Balance point

Round, round, round we go,
A ceasless spin of heads and tails,
One gives less as one gives more,
Fragile, frustrating balance.
The day is free to wan and wax,
But its sum with night rests equal.
We chase the things that run from us
And run from our chasers.
The world promises that like breeds like,
But we must have missed the notice.
We wait for water to fill our cup
And pour it next in others’ chalice.
There are exceptions sometimes though.
Beautiful eclipse, sun hugging moon,
When both of the parts learn to be full
And the sides of the coin turn at once.
I’m going along, knocking the line,
Testing for that point of balance,
When more gets more, and like gets love,
And we drown the basins of trust.
Come now, love, you’re above this game,
Don’t make me play with us,
Don’t make me think, and plan, and consider,
I want you to like what you see,
Not only be given to see the things you like.
Now, damn it, help me find that middle.