Birthday wish

Today is the day,
The day I was supposed to ignore,
But I couldn’t –
Because it’s special,
Because you’re special.
I just wanted to tell you
A beautiful day, a beautiful year,
A forever
Of fortune,
All kinds of happiness –
The deepest peace;
The wildest ecstasy;
Anything or everything you want.
You are
The most amazing person
To walk this Earth,
A kind spirit
With a sharp mind.
If karma is real,
All the luck in the world,
All goodness,
It will all be yours
Because you deserve it.
My life is better for having met you.
There are no words
For my gratitude,
I can’t pay you back
But I can wish
You a happy birthday
For many years to come.


Notice anything special about the verses? Take a second, think about it.

Yes, that’s right. All my poems in the last month had a ‘secrettag’ added at the end. If you click on it, and you see all of them in one page, the titles of everything I’ve posted lately actually make up this poem – aside from the ‘You a happy birthday’ line, which was replaced by ‘…..’ because it would have been a dead giveaway. It was the birthday of someone quite important to me last month, and I somehow got the idea of making him this impressively long and torturous wish (he kindly agreed that I can share the poems on the blog as well though). So, to answer the question of why everything I write is so upbeat and starry eyed lately, it’s just cause they were part of the birthday wish. It’s hard to make poems any other way with those kinds of titles.

Just out of curiosity, did anybody notice the link beforehand?

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