All kinds of happiness

A child clapping in delight

To things we’ve long since lost the wonder of.

The satisfaction of a job well done

Patching over all issues from the way.

Cheering from well-meaning friends,

And a more malevolent type of glee hidden.

Parents sighing in glad relief

When the children’s wild games are over,

While the elders smile on, amused,

Having found the secret to contentment.

A blissful pleasure shared between lovers,

With renewed rejoicing at every encounter.

And the thrill of discovering it all,

How many facets happiness can hide.

There are fiery sides to its rapture,

And deep pools of blessed serenity,

The coy smiles and the genuine ones

Hiding so many other little qualifiers

From shyness to absence, to desire, to dare,

Internal and hidden to boisterous bursts.

And the laughs – so many possible laughs

Giggles, chuckles, wheezes, cackles…

And on and on it can go with a grin,

The mere list turned to self-gratification,

An unexpected sort of kind reassurance

That of all possible kinds of happiness,

You too can find one for your own.

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