To walk this Earth

To walk this Earth,

No mountain needs moving

And no sea parted.

They’re formidable obstacles

And we have not such skills.

But why would we need them

When we can do

Things so much better.

We can make the mountain

Disappear completely,

Turn it into

The gentlest slope,

And change the ocean into

The calmest lake.

To walk this Earth,

No obstacle needs removing,

But they need understanding

And to be respected

For what they are.

So when you see water,

You swim or build a bridge.

When you see inclines,

You learn to go uphill.

When you see drops,

You either go down or around.

It’s like riding a horse –

You go with the movement.

So to walk this Earth,

You only need to follow

The path that

You were given already.