A kind spirit

Do you think you could judge genies like humans?

Do you think they would be powerful? Intelligent?

Surely they need power to turn wishes true.

But then again, if they’re so skilled,

How could a mere lamp keep them chained?

Do you think they would be bad?

So many creatures turn wishes against you,

And you need the protection of exact phrasings.

Do you think they resent their deal with you,

Their imposed servitude? Maybe they’re bored.

Maybe it’s in their ‘terms and conditions’,

And that’s just how they operate,

Good little machines with nothing to say.

Or maybe, just maybe, they are indeed evil.

But I don’t know. I don’t buy it.

There are so many different legends,

Genies, and witches, elves and talking fish,

Creatures of unimaginable power,

And out of any occupation in the world,

They spend their immortal lives

Asking favours from humans in exchange for wishes.

What if. They never needed the help.

What if. Some of them weren’t just bored.

What if that creature that stories taught you

To be so terribly wary and afraid of

Is nothing more than a kind spirit.

Maybe they stuff themselves in those lamps,

Place themselves on your fishing hooks,

Twist their legs intentionally in your path.

Maybe they just desperately want to help,

And some universal law says they can’t,

Says they would tip the balances too much

Were they to share their power freely.

Maybe they can only do it as exchanges,

And they silently beg you to be a good person,

And they cringe and regret when you’re not,

When you get greedy or botch up the terms.

Maybe they’re all just kind spirits.

Wouldn’t that make quite a difference?


But then again, maybe they’re not,

And they look for a reason to eat you for dinner.

12 thoughts on “A kind spirit

  1. Perhaps the lamp is simply
    the means by which a genie,
    being a spirit, is tied to the
    material realm. And humans 💆,
    being both physical and
    spiritual, have an upper
    hand ✋… to rub lamps.
    Therefore some genies
    would be understandably
    a bit put out by this.

    Liked by 1 person

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