With a sharp mind

You could open that door with a key.

You could avoid a confrontation if you flee.

You could make her fall for you with a rose.

You could see opportunities by being on your toes.

You could escape that situation with a bluff.

You could ace the test if you study enough.

You could earn your spot with plenty hard work.

You could be liked if you stop being a jerk.

You could win anything you want with luck.

You could buy your way in if you pay a nice buck.

… or you could do it all with a sharp mind –

An indispesable thing, a Swiss knife of a kind.

You may not even need anything else but it,

But it will always serve you, even with kit.

You don’t look like much, and you don’t have things,

But with a sharp mind, you’ve got more than kings.

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