It will all be yours

In some ways, greed is more virtue than sin.

Whatever you have, it should be enough,

The bare minimum required for survival.

Food, water and shelter, that should be it

And all the rest, fanciful notions

The starving may well scorn us for.

And yet all we do, all we praise in others

Is about going to some form of excess,

More and bigger and newer and better,

Be it objects or knowledge alike.

All progress is made because someone

One day decided this wasn’t enough

And got greedy enough to reach for more.

There’s no motivation without the greed.

So be greedy in peace, look and long and want.

It’s the necessary first step, after all,

To ensure that it will all be yours one day.

And then go one step further, do more,

And dip those around in the green of envy,

Fuel, inspire their own driving greed

Until we are all truly masters of everything.