Three days quote – day 3

Aand here I am at the last day of the ‘three days, three quotes’ challenge that Soul Therapist so kindly nominated me to. Thank you again! And, without further ado, quote 3:

‘It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.’ (Epictetus)

(I can already feel my mother smirking over my choice. But, terrible as it may seem, our tastes do happen to match on this particular instance. Though, on second thought, this might not be the best thing to acknowledge in public, in writing, where it can be so easily held over my head… 🙂 )

The world doesn’t care what you want it to do.
I’ve never heard of disasters coming undone
Because people asked them nicely to go away.
I’ve never heard of bad luck being kind
And avoiding those already dealing with enough.
It’s not even a problem of sentience –
You may influence the behaviour of some people
But never all, and never will you be in control.
The only thing that is truly in your control
Is yourself.
It’s not about what happens. So many others
Experience the exact same things, and yet
Some of us come out on top of challenges,
While others fall completely to pieces.
The simpler you assume the equation of life,
The less sense it makes. If it’s just
A sum of experiences, I can give you the result
And you can jump directly to the end of it.
Such rigid predetermination leaves no place
For morals, religion, philosophy, even luck…
Nothing that could allow debate or chance.
We’d all be little robots, identical copies.
And we’re not.
In fact, we’re at the other end of the spectrum,
Uniqueness the one thing we all hold dear.
The same light filtering through a kaleidoscope
Looks nothing alike depending where you look.
And the best part is that we all already know
The simple motion of moving our gaze away.
So next time your world looks too black
Move your eyes to that beautiful rosy patch
And from there go a step further, grab paint
And do something to turn the blackness rosy too.
It’s all about how you react.


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