Never look them in the eyes.
It’s too easy to get caught up in it,
Too easy to lose your focus.
And it wouldn’t help anyway.
They can put on a pretty smile,
Distract you so easily,
And you’ll never see the kick coming.
Always look to their chests,
And learn to see how bright
The light starts to shine inside.
Learn to see the muscles tensing
And how to predict the hits.
It’s easy to lie with your face,
But movements can’t ever be too far off,
They can’t separate themselves
From the core of a person.
So always, always look at the T.
They will never catch you unaware
If you know what to look for.
And if you discover the things they plan
Are not gentle and peaceful,
You know now how to deflect the punches
Or better yet, decide that
You want nothing to do with this,
Step off, and look for the nearest exit.

A/N: ‘looking at the T’ is a concept used in my Krav Maga classes. If you look at someone’s chest, you have a little warning when they try to strike you. The T, I discovered today, aside from being really useful in self defence, seems to also lend itself nicely to metaphors! Talk about multitasking…

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