You lips seared a brand into my skin,
So hot it masks the edge into pain
Drawing screams and moans in its wake.
There’s a spot on my back that you kissed
And the brand sank right through bones
All to the other side, into my heart,
Only the raised edge of your mark
To witness my complete surrender.
Do you even understand what you did,
You, master looking over his slave,
The pain, the shame of branding,
The disdain to myself that I let it,
That I let you own me so completely,
The disappointment that I can’t even
Hold onto it while the heat flickers
And licks its path through my soul,
Pulsing between my ears, my thighs…
So go on, brand me again, why let
Any inch of my skin without your mark,
Without the dark pulse of your power.
I don’t have any shame left for the world,
Whether or not they should see
What I already know to be true –
How utterly I belong to you.

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